Calpurnia and Illuminati Hotties at The Observatory

If the social media reaction I woke up to Monday morning after sharing some shots from Sunday night’s Calpurnia gig are any indiciation, I’m about 24 hours away from turning this site into a Stranger Things fan site. Let me back up here for a moment.

Full disclosure: I have never seen a single episode of Stranger Things. I know it’s wildly popular and has garnered a devoted cult following but my severe attention span deficit leaves me unable to sit down and commit to any TV series (unless of course it’s a cartoon about magical girls or giant robots; a man’s gotta know his limits).

So you could say I was pretty surprised when I got to the Observatory last night to find a completely sold out venue packed with the kind of screaming that’s usually reserved for boy bands. They were all there to see Calpurnia, the Canadian indie rock band featuring It and Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard on guitar and vocals. And, the thing is, the guy can rock.

Opening for Calpurnia were local faves Illuminati Hotties. Now, I’ve had chances to catch Illuminati Hotties in the past but never took the opportunity to check them out until Sunday night and I have to say I really liked their stuff… right up until the band’s guitarist stomped on a puddle and splashed what felt like half a bottle of water in my face after their set.

But hey, what’s a rock show without getting some fluids in the face (don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical)? 2019 is upon us and I’m back at it. Check out the photos below, people and give Calpurnia some love by checking them out when they hit your town.


Illuminati Hotties