They Might Be Giants at Royce Hall - 10.26.2013

UntitledGallery: They Might Be Giants at Royce Hall - 10.26.2013

I've seen They Might Be Giants a number of times now and I always find myself wanting to immediately see them again the morning after. There's something special about each of the band's shows. Yeah, they're guaranteed to play some of the same songs every time (perhaps out of fear that their otherwise polite audience will riot if they don't hear "Constantinople" one more time) but they still manage to make each and every show great fun.

The last time they played Royce Hall was an anniversary show in 2012, playing all songs off the fan favorite album "Lincoln." They returned last night running through their self-titled debut. They managed to make the otherwise formal Royce Hall feel like a sweaty, intimate club midway through their set by inviting everyone in the cheap seats to rush the stage.