Danny Elfman's Music From the Films of Tim Burton - 10.31.13

So yeah, I was at the Halloween night performance of Danny Elfman's The Music From the Films of Tim Burton. Who else was there? Just a few guests: Danny Elfman himself, Catherine O'Hara and some guy named TIM BURTON.

Selections from all the films Elfman scored for Burton were played at the concert, the third and final of three nights at LA Live. Highlights included a suite featuring cues from Batman and Batman Returns however the real reason we were gathered there was to see Danny Elfman perform several songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was an absolute thrill to see the man on stage after two decades of hibernation as he put it.

In the spirit of "Pics or it didn't happen," I've uploaded a couple snaps from the night. My seat wasn't the greatest but what are you going to do? It was an incredible night, one that I hope inspires Elfman to give live performance another go 'round sometime soon. The dude clearly still has the chops and a predilection for the limelight.