Screaming Females at The Echoplex - 11.21.13

Photo Gallery: Screaming Females at The Echoplex - 11.21.13

Screaming Females stopped by The Echoplex this past Thursday and threw down with a blistering 50 minute set (with encore) that left me in daze and a little roughed up; it was glorious.

I feel like labeling Screaming Females a mere punk band is a bit reductive. The trio, comprised of Marissa Paternoster (guitars, vocals), King Mike (bass) and Jared Dougherty (bass), have the raw energy and attitude of a punk band, sure, but there's a real musicianship here that can't be denied; Paternoster's licks kinda left me in awe.

By the time the band took to the stage following a set by local band Upset (and even a little stand up courtesy one of the audio crew), the crowd was primed and ready. The show kicked off with "Leave It All Up To Me" off 2012's "Ugly" and never once let up. The only meaningful exchange with the audience (aside from Paternoster leaping into the crowd during the encore) came when someone in the crowd shouted a request and both Paternoster and Mike deadpanned "Okay" before tearing right into the song without missing a beat.

Screaming Females are currently on tour with dates scheduled throughout the southwest through early December. Be sure to check out their website for all the details: Screaming Females - Shows.

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