Holograms at The Constellation Room - 12.21.13

There was a palpable feeling of anticipation before the (very) young members of Holograms brought their brand of punk-by-way-of-Stockholm to The Constellation Room in Santa Ana this past Saturday night. Atmospheric keyboards played for a good five minutes as dense fogged filled the room, each band member slowly making their way to the stage before eventually kicking into their set.

I liked what I heard. There was a dark undercurrent to the performance, darker than I had anticipated given that their self-titled album from 2012 is a nice bit of poppy, synth-y punk. Still, I did get a sense that the band enjoyed themselves and clearly the audience did as well.

Mosh pits abounded and even your humble writer/photographer found himself caught in the throws of bodies crashing on the dance floor all in the pursuit of a great photo (don't say I never did anything for you).

Holograms have just wrapped up a tour of the states but you can check out some of their videos by visiting Holograms's page on Captured Tracks. A full photo gallery from the night is over on the Flickr page, be sure to check that out as well!

Photo gallery: Holograms at The Constellation Room - 12.21.13