Pure Bathing Culture at The Constellation Room - 1.21.14

Photo Gallery: Pure Bathing Culture at The Constellation Room - 1.21.14

Pure Bathing Culture's Moon Tides has been in heavy rotation here at the home office lately. I've been completely taken with the duo's lush soundscapes, airy vocals and sun dried guitars.

There's something familiar about Pure Bathing Culture to be certain but it's a familiarity that's almost dreamlike in nature. It's easy to point out direct influences but more enjoyable to just let the music wash over you. About the best thing I can say about Pure Bathing Culture's sound is, to quote Steve Coogan in 24 Hour Party People, "It's good music to chill out to."

I was excited to see the band live this past Tuesday at Orange County's Constellation Room and was glad to see vocalist/keyboardist Sarah Versprille and guitarist Daniel Hindman more or less capture the same serene, poppy vibe present in Moon Tides during their live performance.

The duo, accompanied by a touring bassist and drummer, left a little to be desired in regards to stage presence though with Versprille looking a bit restricted and confined thanks to her keyboard setup.

Running through most songs off their debut long player, the band closed out their set with the stand out track from 2012's self-titled EP, "Ivory Coast." It was a stellar note to end on. Pure Bathing Culture is worth checking out, live or on disc; I liked what I heard and hope to hear more in the future.

Pure Bathing Culture is currently on tour accompanied with surf rockers La Luz on some dates. Check out their site for more info: http://www.purebathingculture.com/