Delorean at The Constellation Room - 2.8.14

Spanish dance band Delorean brought their brand of infectious electronic grooves to The Constellation Room in Santa Ana this past Saturday night. The four members arrived on stage with little fanfare and no opener but as soon as the beats kicked in the band had the packed O.C. crowd moving from start to finish. 

The quartet has seen a line-up change and something of a shift in musical direction since its inception but it's hard to argue these changes haven't been for the best. Featuring a set heavy on cuts from their latest long player, Apar, their sound owes more than a little to the likes of Joy Division and New Order without being wholly derivative. Delorean have created and continue to create their own distinctive dance tracks while infusing it with a palpable and impressive musicianship.

Delorean is currently on the road in the US for the remainder of the month. Be sure to check out their itinerary at the band's website.