Angel Olsen at the Soda Bar - 3.1.14

There was a moment during Angel Olsen's show Saturday night at the Soda Bar in San Diego that I'll probably never forget.

After wowing the audience with a brilliant set she somehow made time stand absolutely still with a mesmerizing version of the Leonard Cohen-esque "White Fire" off her latest long player. It's a song that sneaks up on you and ends with Olsen practically whispering into the mic and not a word, not a single clinking glass could be heard from the audience and for that brief moment we were all part of something kinda special and maybe, just maybe, a little remarkable. It's to Olsen's credit as a performer that I didn't even realize what was happening until everyone erupted in applause afterward, snapping me out of it.

Following her 2012 debut, "Half Way Home," which was more folk and country influenced, Olsen's new songs have a decidedly more rock bent while still maintaining the vocal charm and lyrical earnestness that has endeared her to fans. Olsen's last few songs of the night were a definite nod to her earlier work, played solo while a backing band provided support for the earlier cuts.

At one point Olsen joked the last time she was in San Diego she played to a room of about twelve. Judging by the sold out crowd on hand this night, I think it's easy to say she left quite an impression on those twelve and then some.

Angel Olsen is currently on tour in support of her new album "Burn Your Fire For No Witness" with dates throughout the US and Europe through Spring and Summer. Check out dates at her website

Photos from the night are below. As always, uncompressed and high res versions are available at the Flickr page.

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