St. Vincent at the House of Blues - 3.19.14

So St. Vincent has a new album out and, surprise surprise, it's pretty good. She's making the rounds in support of her new self-titled album and I had the chance to check her out at the House of Blues in San Diego this past Wednesday.

I 'm not entirely sure why but I seem to be going to more shows in San Diego lately despite being based out of Orange County and decidedly closer to Los Angeles than the Eggo. Still, SD crowds always provide a welcome change of pace from the more reserved OC and LA crowds and this night proved no exception.

After an opening instrumental set by guitarist Noveller, the show proper got off to a bit of a late start with Annie (the aforementioned St. Vincent) finally making her way to the stage after much clapping and cheering from the peanut gallery. As soon as the jams kicked in on "Rattlesnake" all was forgiven and the crowd was in the palm of her hand for the next 90 or so minutes.

I had seen St. Vincent perform live only once before during her tour with David Byrne in support of "Love This Giant." Being a big Talking Heads fan, I was there for Byrne but certainly curious about Clark as a live act. Needless to say, she made an impression.

Seeing St. Vincent unleashed here at the HOB was nothing short of a spectacle. Incorporating dance and spoken word into her set, Clark delivered a truly memorable night of music that included songs old and (mostly) new. As a solo performer, she's one of a kind,

Her backing band was superlative. I have issues with some of Clark's songs on record, with some tracks feeling incomplete. As a composer she seems to have an aversion to traditional pop song structure. Sometimes this works and is interesting, other times it feels frustrating. However, when played live her songs felt fully realized.

St. Vincent is worth checking out live. Be sure to see her when she rolls into your town (f you manage to score tickets).