Black Sabbath at the Hollywood Bowl - 4.26.14

April turned out to be something of a metal month at Celluloid Annoyed, what with coverage of hard rockers Ume and Tesseract over the past couple weeks. It seems only fitting then that the month wraps up for me with a show by one of the originators of the genre, Black Sabbath.

Ozzy, Geezer and Tommy stopped by the famed Hollywood Bowl this past Saturday night, delivering a set loaded with hard hitting classics such as "Iron Man," "Paranoid," and the group's namesake along with newer tracks from Sabbath's most recent album, "13."

The show was everything I could've asked for: equal parts evil and celebratory. No photos from the night (alas, your humble photog doesn't have that kind of access yet) but I was able to capture some video from the closing moments, complete with fireworks!