Ume at The Satellite - 4.4.2014

UntitledUme is the real deal, folks. I've been hooked on the Austin-based three piece's latest album, Monuments, as of late. It's a classic slice of righteous heavy metal sure to make true believers out of genre neophytes and long time headbangers alike.

After watching videos of past performances I knew I had to check the band out for myself and, after an exhilarating set at LA's Satellite this past Friday night, I'm glad to say Ume didn't disappoint. Ume was nothing short of a visceral experience with a brand of metal that's straight forward, fast and loud-the way rock should be.

Although Ume is very much a band, vocalist and guitarist Lauren Larson was the focal point. Larson commanded the stage with the presence of a seasoned veteran and captivated the audience's attention with her wild antics, whipping hair and impressive (self taught) guitar prowess.

The band ran through most songs from Monuments, even playing a few older gems such as "The Conductor" and closing out with a crushing version of "Black Stone." Like most great shows, Ume's time on stage felt like it was over way too soon, with one person in the crowd yelling, "Ten more songs!" after Larson announced they had two songs left. I can't say I didn't agree with the guy myself.

Head over to the band's tour calendar to stay up to date on upcoming shows and be sure to check out the full gallery from the night's show below:

Photo Gallery

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