Broods at The Observatory - 5.15.14

DSC_0120.jpgNew Zealand's own synth-pop sensation Broods stopped by The Observatory last night on the penultimate date of the band's current US tour. Playing most of the tracks from its self-titled EP as well as some new cuts, likely to be heard on its forthcoming long player, Broods delivered a solid set of melancholy and angst punctuated by some infectious beats and a captivating performance by front woman Georgia Nott.

For those not in the know, Broods is a collaboration between brother and sister musicians Georgia and Caleb Nott. The band garnered a bonafide hit in its native land and something of a cult following abroad with the release of the track "Bridges." The track was good to be sure, good enough to land the Notts a deal with Capital with the promise of a full length album later this summer.

Broods may be relatively new on the scene but the band's performance Thursday night found the family Nott right at home on stage, a trait which I suspect will only improve with time as the duo racks up even more miles on the road.

If you're like me and prefer your pop with heartbreak by degrees and a twinge of regret, Broods is probably right up your alley. This is a band to watch and I can't wait to hear what they've got in store for us.

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