Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs at The Satellite - 5.16.14

DSC_0283.jpgIt's always a treat whenever the great Ms. Holly Golightly graces the stage with her presence and this past Friday night at The Satellite in Silverlake proved to be no exception.

Traveling in tow with longtime partner in crime, Lawyer Dave, Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs made the cozzy LA venue their home for a night of down and dirty country-rock and tales from the road in support of the duo's latest long player, "All Her Fault."

Performing sans setlist (claiming they lost it in San Francisco, among other things) the two were in fine form, reviving some old songs (including one written "before electricity") and new tracks with characteristically wry sense of humor.

Both Holly and Lawyer Dave seemed so incredibly at ease on stage, trading knowing glances when talking about a particularly troublesome neighbor of theirs, reminding us of the hazards of traveling through Salt Lake City and brushing off the occasional comment from the very inebriated peanut gallery, ending the night ended with a psychedelic medley of sorts, leaving the crowd dancing into the streets.

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Photo Gallery

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