Anamanaguchi at the El Rey - 6.20.14

DSC_0725.jpg "Guys, this is my first show..." squeed the young girl standing next to me as she jumped up and down with nervous anticipation along with her friends. I cracked a smile and even envied her a bit knowing she was about to have her mind blown and would probably never be the same again after this night.

It's easy to forget the thrill one got at his or her first concert if you've been to as many shows as I have over the years. I heard that girl's voice in the back of my mind as Chiptune kings Anamanaguchi delivered a throbbing, kinetic set at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles this past Friday.  I suspect Anamanaguchi is going to be or has been a lot of people's first real concert experience; the band bridges that gap between childhood past times such as video games and anime and teenage obsessions like music and getting together with a bunch of friends and going to concerts every weekend (we'll excuse the fact that I'm still into all of those things despite the fact that I recently turned 30).

Anamanaguchi shows tend to bring out a somewhat different breed of fan than most other bands and tonight was no exception. From time to time I had to remind myself that I was actually at the El Rey Theatre and not an anime con.

This is a band that I've wanted to photograph for a little while now given the New York-based group is probably as well known for its stage show as its music by this point. That's not to say the group is all gloss and no substance. If anything, the presentation contributes to the total package, creating a band that is wholly of its time. Suffice it to say: I got what I wanted out of this show and I'm sure the moshing throngs of adoring fans would likely say the same.

Anamanaguchi currently have another show lined up with J-Pop princess Una serving as the opener at San Francisco's DNA Lounge this Sunday night. For tickets and more tour dates be sure to visit their official site and check out the band's Facebook and Twitter pages.

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