Metronomy at The Observatory - 6.15.14

DSC_0496.jpg British pop alchemists Metronomy stopped by The Observatory this passed Sunday for a Father's Day night filled with songs about heartbreak and angst.

Originally booked for the smaller Constellation Room located inside The Observatory, the band was moved to the main stage shortly before the show began and it's hard to argue the move wasn't for the best as the larger space quickly filled to capacity with showtime nearing.

The Beatles' Revolver and Janelle Monae's retro-futuristic funk played over the house speakers before the show got started, appropriately setting the stage for Metronomy's brand of contemporary cool.

The four piece, led by multi-instrumentalist Joseph Mount, rarely let up during their set, turning in one of the more high energy concerts I've seen in a while. Most impressive was an extended medley that segued from "Radio Ladio" into the 60's pop inspired "Love Letters" without so much as a break between songs.

Metronomy are a bit of an anomaly in the current musical landscape, adeptly combining dance, pop, and rock genres with a few experimental idiosyncrasies thrown in for good measure all while making some remarkably fun music in the process. The concoction could have easily resulted in something otherwise abhorrent but that the musically restless members of Metronomy have managed to pull it off since the band's inception speaks volumes to the talent and imagination assembled here.

Coming out of nowhere, Metronomy turned The Observatory into a punk club by closing out the night with the raucous and gritty instrumental "You Could Easily Have Me" off the band's first album, "Pip Paine." Mount cautioned that the song was an older track but thought the audience would be able to handle it and boy did they. I couldn't have imagined the night would have ended with me in the throws of a mosh pit as a kid crowd surfed his way over to the stage but it happened and what a perfect way to end a great night.

Metronomy is currently on tour in support of its latest long player, "Love Letters." Be sure to check out the band's Facebook page and official website to find out when they're coming to your town.

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