Summer Twins at The Echo - 7.19.14

DSC_1076.jpg Local heroes Summer Twins stopped by The Echo Saturday night as part of Burger Records' weekly residency at the venue. I have a soft spot for 60's girl groups: sugary harmonies, songs about heartbreak and longing, I'm an easy mark for all of that stuff. After giving the band's "Forget Me" a listen, it should come as no surprise that I decided to check them out.

Formed by sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown, Summer Twins manages to scratch that girl group itch all while crafting infectious garage rock gems that feel authentic.

I was taken by what I heard on disc and impressed by their live set. Backed by additional bass and keyboard players, the Browns turned in a fun set that left the Echo's crowd and myself eager to hear more.

Summer Twins next play as part of Burger a-Go-Go at the The Observatory in Santa Ana. To stay up to date on the latest with duo, be sure to follow the band on Twitter and Facebook.

Summer Twins - The Echo Photo Gallery: 7.19.14

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