Lykke Li at The Observatory - 8.12.14

DSC_0063.jpg “If there was ever a time to smoke that blunt…”

Hot off the heels of an appearance at Outside Lands in San Francisco this past weekend, Swedish sensation Lykke Li stopped by Santa Ana’s Observatory theater Tuesday night to a rabid Orange County crowd. Running a little behind, she emerged onto the stage apologizing for the delay but as soon as the jams kicked in with the title track from her latest long player, "I Never Learn," all was forgiven.

The set ran the gamut of songs from her catalog, including favorites "Little Bit," "Youth Knows No Pain," "I Follow Rivers" and a blistering performance of "Get Some" as well as tracks from the stellar new album.

There’s something incredibly captivating and maybe even a little transgressive about the way Lykke Li carries herself on stage. She clearly had a a great deal of fun playing with the audience, asking the locals to show her how we dance in Santa Ana before breaking into (appropriately enough) "Dance, Dance, Dance." She then fearlessly jumped onto the side of the stage, standing above her fans and inciting them to break out their phones for pics.

Although she is still very early on in her career, Lykke Li has the stage presence of a woman twice her age with all the energy and vibrance of a girl in the throws of her youth. The dramatic flourishes, longing glances off into the distance; Lykke Li knows how to get a crowd worked up and eating out of the palm of her hand and this night was no exception.

Lykke Li is currently on tour in the US with additional stops in Europe later this year. For dates, check out Lykke Li's website and follow her on Twitter @LykkeLi.

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