Quilt at The Constellation Room - 8.21.14

DSC_0229.jpgBoston psych rockers Quilt stopped by The Constellation Room in Santa Ana Thursday night while on their current tour of the southwest and beyond in support of the band's second album, "Held in Splendor."

It was the band's first time in the OC. Both the audience and members of Quilt seemed a bit timid at first (I still don't understand why some audiences feel the need to stand a good 5 feet away from the stage) but managed to ease into things as the set went on.

Highlighted by the sugary vocals of Anna Fox Rochinski, Quilt has a decidedly 60's rock influence. That they manage to avoid out right imitation is a credit to their impressive songwriting chops. The group is able to sound fresh while evoking the lush harmonies of The Mamas & the Papas or even The Bangles, infusing their sun baked sound with a bit of an edge as witnessed during an extended jam that closed out their set.

Quilt has a few dates left in the US before embarking on a tour of Europe. For a full list of shows, check out the band's itinerary on Mexican Summer and be sure to follow Quilt on Twitter.

Quilt at The Constellation Room - Photo Gallery

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