Slow Magic at the Soda Bar - 9.13.14

Slow Magic stopped by San Diego's Soda Bar this past Saturday night as part of last weekend's San Diego Music Thing festival and conference. Greg Doherty was on hand to cover the show for

The crowd at the Soda Bar were there for one reason only, Slow Magic, though the DJ’s that filled the slots earlier in the evening gave the crowd a great warm up. The Soda Bar was not a big venue, and it was packed well before the Slow Magic midnight performance.

Just setting up for his show, you know this is going to be different. The stage holds a small table, his laptop, a lot of wires between the laptop and his two transparent drums, all that separate him from the crowd.

I’d not been to a Slow Magic gig, though I had a few favorite songs, but the experience up close in the Soda Bar with his African-looking mask, drum beats, and energy he puts into his performance was amazing.

The crowd was packed around the stage and fed off his energy. They obviously knew the songs, jumping in perfect rhythm to the drum beats, and he kept the energy level going the entire time. At one point he picked up one of the drums and walked into the audience in front of the stage and played the single drum surrounded by the crowd. Somehow the crowd made room for him and they got to experience him even closer than before.

I’m still amazed at how he manages to do all this while wearing a mask. Other than the occasional power outage, and a few impromptu repairs to the drums, (not surprising seeing the abuse they get) he was able to navigate the tracks on the laptop, the drums and the synthesizer without missing a beat.

Slow Magic is currently touring the US in support of the new album, "How To Run Away." For dates, check out Slow Magic's official site and stay up to date via Twitter @SlowwwMagic.

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