Nina Persson at the Casbah - 10.19.14

Nina Persson stopped by San Diego's Casbah Sunday night for a captivating set of original songs and a few covers that vacillated between dark beauty and unabashed, rapturous disco.

Backed by a terrific four piece band, which she cheekily referred to as Nina's Persons, Persson finds herself now stepping out on her own as a true solo artist for the first time in her career. Although sticking close to tracks from her new album, "Animal Heart," Persson did find time to break away for some covers during her set, including a brilliant version of Daniel Johnston's "Walking the Cow."

The charismatic Persson owned the Casbah stage Sunday night and it was a joy to see her perform and hear that voice which retains all the same charm that's endeared Persson to her audience over the years.

Nina Persson's debut solo album, "Animal Heart," is available now via The End Records. The last date of her current east and west coast tour in support of the long player is Monday night, October 20, at Mozambique in Laguna Beach. For more info on Persson's album and future dates, be sure to

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Nina Persson at the Casbah Photo Gallery