Telepathe at Los Globos - 10.3.14

I've been hooked on Telepathe for a little while now. The band's 2009 long player, "Dance Mother," left a significant impression on me after giving it a listen and the occasional singles that have been released since, such as "Slow Learner" and "Drown Around Me," have left me looking forward to a full length follow up.

I had the chance to photograph the band's show at Los Globos in LA last night. The night was highlighted by a set that saw members Melissa Livaudais and Busy Gangnes in fine form. The show got off to a timid start when Livaudais had to beckon the audience closer before their set started proper. I'm always slightly amused whenever I see a crowd at a show collectively stand behind some imaginary velvet rope, waiting for someone to give them the okay to approach the stage.

At one point during the set, a dancer dressed in a skin tight latex(?) one piece was brought out on stage, adding a bit of performance art to a night at the club. It was a really cool, unexpected moment that found the band opening up their stage repertoire a bit.

Telepathe next play Brick & Mortar in San Francisco on 10/4, followed by a date at Glasslands in Brooklyn on 10/11. For more info, be sure to check out

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Telepathe at Los Globos Photo Gallery