The Thurston Moore Band at the Constellation Room - 10.11.14

"Let's de-mythologize this whole thing..."

Thurston Moore has returned to the road with a fresh band and some new tracks for a round of dates in support of his new album, "The Best Day," out October 21 on Matador. Moore, along with the aptly named Thurston Moore Band, brought the jams to a rabid and ready Constellation Room crowd this past Saturday night for a show that found Moore and company, which includes Debbie Googe on bass, Steve Shelley on drums and James Sedwards on guitar, in full rock god mode playing through a set that hewed close to material from Moore's latest long player.

As I fought my way through the packed Santa Ana house (which was also hosting a Mexican wrestling and music festival in the parking lot), I noticed the average age inside the Constellation Room skewed a bit young and I'm glad I wasn't the only one to make note. At one point during opener Sebadoh's set, Lou Barlow observed that he first opened for Moore's Sonic Youth back when most of the audience was "still in diapers." That's probably true and ultimately speaks volumes to the longevity of Moore's music and his importance to the post-punk scene.

Sonic Youth was one of the touchstone bands during my teen years so I found myself in good company with the kids in attendance (despite being about 10 years older than most). Although I grew up in the 90's and experienced the band's seminal early albums sometime after their original release, the music still had an undeniable power. There's a magic that came through in those tracks and it was something special indeed to see and hear some of that same creative fire burning within Moore as he thrashed and shredded on the Constellation Room stage.

Though this was the last night on the tour with Sebadoh supporting, The Thurston Moore Band will resume touring the east cost throughout the remainder of October starting on the 21st with a stop in Brooklyn. For more info on the new album and additional tour dates, check out

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