Alvvays at The Echo - 11.28.14

Direct from the Toronto, the boys and girls of indie darlings Alvvays stopped by The Echo for the band's first ever date in Los Angeles on Friday night. Their self titled debut (available on Polyvinyl Records) is among the best albums of the year, filled with insanely catchy hooks and love lorn lyrics that left me impressed so it was with little hesitation that I decided to check them out during their local show.

The packed house was at a fever pitch in the moments leading up to the band's set. Fellow Canadians Absolutely Free got the crowd suitably warmed up before the band took the stage. Vocalist Molly Rankin mentioned that she was on some medication due to a neck injury earlier in the week but the drugs didn't seem to affect her or the rest of the band's performance. Even guitarist Alec O'Hanley hardly missed a stepped when switching out guitars mid song after a broken string.

It took a little while for the band to really get comfortable on stage, with some of their antics coming off as a bit timid and shy but once the five piece got into the grove they were able to acclimate to the hip LA audience. I got the impression that perhaps they expected the fans in attendance to be somewhat rowdier, with Rankin remarking at one point, "You guys aren't that drunk, are you?"

Drunk or not, the members of Alvvays clearly had The Echo eating out of the palms of their hands and left everyone wanting more, including a Mexican couple behind me who could be heard yelling "Otro mas" after the encore. In one of the more memorable moments of the night, everyone in attendance spontaneously broke out in dance the second the band kicked into "Archie, Marry Me," the breakout single from their long player.

Alvvays is currently on tour with dates throughout the US and Canada. For more info be sure to check out the band's website: You can also check them out on Facebook follow them on Twitter @alvvaysband.

Alvvays at The Echo Photo Gallery on Flickr