Girlpool at The Echo - 12.8.14

Watching Girlpool play The Echo Monday night, I felt a felt a giddy enthusiasm watching members Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad tear up the stage with sly feminist commentary, catchy hooks and a raw immediacy but was soon overcome with a sense of guilt and loss as I remembered the duo was christening their move to Philadelphia in the coming year with a Monday residency at the Sunset Blvd mainstay and I realized I had been missing out on one of LA's truly great contemporary bands.

Photos from this past Monday night's show are below. Girlpool has two more dates at The Echo left this month on the 15th and 22nd with shows at The Smell and Chain Reaction the first week of January. If you're local, I can't recommend making it out to these dates enough.

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Girlpool at The Echo Photo Gallery on Flickr