Corners at The Constellation Room - 12.16.14

The music of LA based four piece Corners has within it a through line that connects the surf rock of the 1960's onward to the primordial post punk of the 80's before resting breathlessly at cool synth pop and arriving at a wholly contemporary, immaculately conceived destination from the not too distant present.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

For those not in the know, Corners is Tracy Bryant, Robert Cifuentes, Rick Mabery, and Jeffertitti. Making their home in Echo Park, the band has carved out a niche for itself amongst the overpopulated landscape of LA's ever thriving musical underbelly with a series of local headlining gigs and dates with Cosmonauts and Lollipop Records label mates Wyatt Blair and Adult Books.

Coming off a set at The Echo two nights earlier, Corners stopped by Santa Ana's Constellation Room on Tuesday night to deliver a thrilling hour (give or take) of raw power and pure rock and roll. There was an urgency to Corners' set, an immediacy to the proceedings that permeated the intimate room and moshing throngs of youthful bodies, diving carelessly into the crowd. Amidst it all was the band itself, barely able to contain it's own energy on the room's bare plywood stage.

Corners was short on words during their time on stage, thanking openers Kim & The Created and local faves The Aquadolls before quickly dispensing with the banter between songs. Their set was all about the music and giving the OC crowd everything they had with the energy returned in kind by the fans on the floor, many left exhausted and covered in sweat by night's end.

The band's debut, "Maxed Out On Distractions," is one of the most assured and confident of the year and available now on Lollipop Records. For tour dates and the like, be sure to like Corners on Facebook and check out the band's tumblr at

(Note: Header image for the review is the cover of "Maxed Out On Distractions.")