Springtime Carnivore at The Casbah - 2.14.15

Currently on tour with indie duo The Dodos for the next month, Springtime Carnivore opened for the band Saturday night at The Casbah in San Diego. I've been hooked on Springtime Carnivore's debut album from last year for a little while now, it's an infectious little gem that's only grown on me since my first listen so much so that I couldn't help but give it another listen on the drive down.

Given the breezy impression the album left on me, I was expecting a more laid back performance than what I got. On stage, Morgan and her collaborators were energetic and bouncy, quickly winning over the audience, most of whom were unfamiliar with Carnivore judging by the smattering of comments I overheard during the show.

Be sure to catch Springtime Carnivore on tour right now throughout the US. For dates, visit the concert calendar on Springtime Carnivore's website and like Springtime Carnivore on Facebook for updates from the road.

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