Miami Horror at The Roxy - 6.5.15

Direct from Australia, the boys of Miami Horror stopped by LA's Roxy on Friday night, holding absolutely nothing back and delivering one of the famed theater's most electric and thrilling night's in recent memory. So charged was their set that everyone in the room, including (and especially) the band themselves was a sweaty mess at night's end.

If you're in LA, you'll get a second chance to catch Miami Horror on June 9th before they roll into Costa Mesa's Wayfarer on the 12th. For more on Miami Horror, be sure to visit and follow @miami_horror on Twitter. Be Sure to check out photos from Friday night's show, which included a special appearance by LA disco queen Gavin Turek and featuring opener De Lux, below.

Miami Horror at The Roxy Photo Gallery

De Lux at The Roxy Photo Gallery