Dead Sara at The Glass House - 7.24.15

words at photos by Joe Cortez

I honestly don't know why it's taken me so long to catch Dead Sara but boy am I ever glad I finally came around; seeing Dead Sara perform live was a pure, visceral experience and a lot of fun.

The LA rockers spent the last night of their current tour in support of the band's second album, "Pleasure to Meet You," (available now via Pocket Kid Records) at Pomona's Glass House on Friday night. More than a few out-of-towners were in the audience judging by the call backs to previous shows on the tour. "Anbody here from Santa Barbara?" asked singer Emily Armstrong at one point, to which she got a vocal response from the crowd.

It's not hard to see why the band has developed such a fiercely devoted following. The band held absolutely nothing back during their set, running through tracks new and old and even a few covers including a version of "Testify" that absolutely destroyed and sent bassist Chris Null into the crowd for a hell of a finale.

My photos from Friday night's show, also featuring openers Lost in Society, are below. Be sure to visit for more info and follow @deadsara on Twitter.

Dead Sara at The Glass House Photo Gallery

Lost in Society at The Glass House Photo Gallery