SOAK and Andrea Gibson at The Fonda Theater - 3.13.16

words + photos by Joe Cortez

When we last left our heroine, the young Bridie Monds-Watson, alias SOAK, had wowed both myself and the rest of a jam packed audience gathered at The Echo last year during her first ever Los Angeles date. Now, almost a year after that wonderful evening, SOAK returned to LA this time opening for poet Andrea Gibson at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood on Sunday, March 13.

I was so glad to see that despite now performing at a much larger venue, SOAK had retained the intimacy of her previous LA set and performed solo, accompanying herself on guitar; her distinct Irish accent piercing the room as she delivered her perfectly melancholy compositions. 

Despite the weighty nature of her songs, Watson showed her playful side throughout the night, filling the gaps between songs by asking what's good in LA and remarking how excited she was to find Shakira's star on Hollywood Blvd. SOAK is a rare talent, one you can't help but listen to and admire. As her set closed with the joyous "Sea Creatures" there was the assured feeling among the crowd that we had all witnessed something special.

I feel I should also say something about headliner Andrea Gibson, with whom I was unfamiliar before the night. I have never been much of a poetry person if for no other reason than I was rarely exposed to the form outside of school but Gibson's performance moved me in a way I wasn't expecting. Her words stayed with me long after the show had ended and still resonate.

Check out my photos from the night below. For more on SOAK be sure to visit and follow @Soakofficial on Twitter.

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