Asaf Avidan at The Teragram Ballroom - 4.22.16

words + photos by Joe Cortez

Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan stopped by The Teragram Ballroom Friday night for a rare LA concert that captivated and enthralled with a soulful blend of emotionally bare lyrics and passionate performance.

Commanding the stage all by himself, Avidan's voice is something of an acquired taste, a distinction he himself noted during the show when he jokingly had said one critic said of his voice that it was reminiscent of wailing alley cats. While I wouldn't go to that extreme, Avidan's voice is quite literally his own. He embraces is unique vocal abilities and finds ways that feature his singular voice's dramatic properties. 

 What struck me most during the night was Avidan's versatility as a musician. Trading off from guitars to drums to even a kazoo at one point, Avidan comes off as a restless musical soul, always in search of new ways to express himself. I felt incredibly fortunate to witness such talent in such an intimate setting and it was clear the others in the audience gathered felt much the same.

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