The Rocket Summer at The Observatory - 5.12.16

words by Lindsay Hopkins + photos by Zach Sorensen 

The Rocket Summer is the indie rock brain-child of Bryce Avary, a multi-instrumentalist and skilled vocalist who hails from Dallas, Texas. Recently, Avary sought inspiration for a new project by traveling to Los Angeles, where he crafted his sixth studio album titled Zoetic, meaning "of or relating to life, living and vitality". Not only did Avary pen the compositions of Zoetic himself, but he also played and recorded each of the instruments that are featured on the album. 

The Rocket Summer played The Observatory in Santa Ana on Thursday, March 12th as one of the final destinations in the two-month US tour celebrating Zoetic. Avary primarily fronted the performance on guitar, with a bass-guitarist and drum player behind him. However, Avary did not confine himself to this format alone. His high-energy performance led him through multiple guitars, as well as the keyboard and drums, playing each with expert precision. Avary presented an impressive display of his multi-instrumental mastery while also projecting his incredible vocals throughout. Unlike many modern indie rock bands that feature somewhat unsteady and grunge-like vocals, Avary proved himself as a true vocalist. His singing was clear and strong, and was projected through an impressive range, soaring into a falsetto reached only by few in live performances. The Rocket Summer's performance Thursday night was certainly one for the books. 

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