The Mynabirds at The Roxy - 5.20.16

words + photo by Harriet Kaplan

The Mynabirds, with its compelling dreamy and ethereal indie pop sound, were unable to completely win their audience over at a recent show at The Roxy. The band lacked that requisite magical spark and passion with memorable songs that drew you in right away and hooked you to the end of the set.

The high-caliber of musicianship was never in question or doubt. Laura Burhenn is an incredibly talented and gifted vocalist and keyboardist.  Resse Richardson played solid guitar lines. Yet this under-the-radar, artistic intimate show never caught fire and gave the crowd a reason to connect emotionally and care about the music or the band. Burhenn also sang too close to the mic and many of the songs lyrics were intelligible. She barely spoke to the audience between numbers off the band's latest release, "Lover's Know," during the set. Burhenn may have been so lost in the music, turning inward, and swept up a creative storm of her own making, with heady and often exhilarating vocal gymnastics, The Mynabirds left their audience behind. 

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