BRONCHO at The Constellation Room - 6.5.16

words by Lindsay Hopkins + photos by Johnathan Ball

Born out of a film project's call for an 80's punk score, BRONCHO have organized themselves into one of the most experimental bands of the day, reaching all at once into psychedelia, blues, and punk. Since forming in 2010, the group has released three full-length albums: Can't Get Past The Lips in 2011, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman in 2014, and Double Vanity just a few days ago on the 10th. With the initial inspiration of the group's roots serving as the foundation, BRONCHO delve into their own segment of 80's punk that is reminiscent of 50's blues. Double Vanity is a well-polished compilation of sleek and bright nostalgia. 

BRONCHO played in the Constellation Room at The Observatory in Santa Ana last Sunday night as one of their final stops in the last legs of a two-month tour showcasing Double Vanity. Vocalist and guitarist Ryan Lindsey, outfitted in boots and a trench coat, unleashed his unique and powerful vocals that sound startlingly similar to the throaty noise one emits just before choking. Guitarist Ben King, who looks an awful lot like a young Ted Levine, grooved in the dark shadows of the stage with his round Lennon shades, casting the perfect grungy atmosphere about the room. Penny Pitchlynn supported on bass guitar and provided the stylistic sleek-punk embellishment that contrasted the otherwise dark nature of the performance. Nathan Price ground out his well-balanced and precise rhythmics on drums and held the unique melodic experience together as identifiable movements.

The performance was well-suited to BRONCHO's nature, but the songs seemed to find difficulty separating themselves from one another, flowing in a somewhat endless stream of similarity. However, BRONCHO managed to give an excellent performance that was greatly entertaining and unlike most others. 

For more on BRONCHO, head to and make sure to check out their single "Señora Borealis". 

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