Black Belt Eagle Scout and Tacocat at The Constellation Room - 11.13.18

words + photos by Joe Cortez

I make it a habit not to preview bands I’m unfamiliar before I cover them so as to not have any preconceived notions color my impressions of their live show; I want to be surprised and boy was I ever after watching Black Belt Eagle Scout perform at the Constellation Room on Tuesday night, November 13. Currently on tour with Seattle’s own Tacocat in support of her debut album, “Mother of my Children,” Black Belt Eagle Scout, the pacific northwest-based rock project of songwriter Katherine Paul, delivered a tremendous set that ranged from a kind of quiet calm to a thrashing fit that left me elated and overjoyed.

Check out my photos from the night, also featuring headliner Tacocat, below. For more on Black Belt Eagle Scout, be sure to visit

Black Belt Eagle Scout Photo Gallery

Tacocat Photo Gallery