Chris Ghiraldi - Reset In Peace

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Graphic artist Chris Ghiraldi has been a creative force in the world of fine art for over 20 years, creating wildly imaginative images and designs that bounce from genre to genre, influence to influence with endless enthusiasm.

His latest project is called Reset in Peace, a clothing line minted with his own unique artistic sensibilities and aimed at helping those in need.

I had the chance to speak with Ghiraldi about his work and goals with Reset in Peace via email. Read our conversation below and for more on Chris Ghiraldi and Reset in Peace visit:

CA: So Chris, tell us a bit about your beginnings as an artist: When did you begin making art? Who were some of your inspirations and influences as you began to develop and hone your craft? 

CG: I have been making art since I was a kid. I started with comic books, so, an early inspiration would be Todd McFarlane (Spiderman), but then as I developed as a painter, some of my influences were Eric Fischl, Robert Rauschenberg, and Francis Bacon. I also simultaneously got into a lot of street artists.

CA: You’ve worked in various mediums throughout your career: paintings, digital, apparel and even figures & toys. Which do you feel best suits your style and goals? Is there one medium that you enjoy working in above all others?

CG: I’ll always go back to painting - I just enjoy the raw feel of paint on the canvas and gestural brush strokes. At the moment, I am into developing simplistic, iconic images that a have a clean yet organic feel. This works well with apparel design and print. I also do enjoy working on vinyl figures here and there, but it’s more of a fun hobby than anything else.  

CA: Let’s talk about your new project, Reset In Peace. This line was born out of particularly difficult time in your life. Are there any designs featured in Reset In Peace that have special significance to you?

CG: I’d have to say each design has a special significance to me. Each piece is a snapshot of a time of difficulty and developed to completion in recovery. It’s nice to see everything come full-circle - it’s a constant reminder of the positivity that has come out of this long period of growth. At the moment I’m super into “Spoiled Milk.”

CA: Can you talk a bit about how you arrived at the decision to go with a clothing line for Reset In Peace as opposed to offering the designs from this time in your life as lithographs or prints?

CG: After going through a long period of time where I had one shirt and not much else, I thought clothing would be a nice way to share the images with other people and a good way to create revenue to give-back to the homeless shelter that helped me. I’m considering doing a run of prints in the future.  

CA: What are your ultimate goals with Reset In Peace? Is this a line and idea that you see growing, adding new designs to it over time?

CG: I see Reset in Peace as proof that addicts and people that have fallen on hard times can recover and a great way to get the message out. I’m constantly working on new designs and ways to inform addicts that if I could fix my life, anyone can.

CA: What’s next for you? Anything you can share with us about upcoming projects?

CG: I’m going to continue developing the line, brainstorming and sketching new ideas.  I did start doing a line of clocks that I recently sold at an event in Brooklyn and I’m looking to pursue doing a limited release of those. But, who knows? The future is so bright I have to wear shades, or at least sunblock.